The Road is a Long One

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been selling copies of Jasmine, all be it at a slow pace, it is a steady pace non the less. I’ve received feedback from several readers and all have sought me out to let me know they loved the story. “When will your next book be ready” is a common theme.

Well the next book is well on its way. The characters from Jasmine continue with Toni and Mary playing the primary rolls. I’m having fun with it and hope to have something for the “editors” by the end of the summer.

From all of my reading, having a three book set will greatly increase my chances of getting noticed. I guess anyone can write a book, but three interesting stories will prove I have enough skill for others to take a chance on me. Work is driving me crazy right now, consuming a great deal of my time but if I ever want to become a serious writer, I need to produce more.

It has been suggested, often, that I take a bit of time and turn my short stories into a book. I’ve considered it, but am trying to remain focused on completing the sequel to Jasmine, then perhaps the “Bubble Bath, Wine, and Candles” book of short stories.

I also have quite a few notes regarding a children’s book series I’d like to do. I guess once you see that you can write a book, your brain is flooded with ideas for other books. Focus, focus, focus I just keep telling myself.

Well I’ll keep you informed about the sequel.