Jasmine felt secure and happy. She had Fred, the only man she had ever known, a good home, and the perfect life. Divorce, something no woman expects, was suddenly thrust upon her. Everything she once knew was gone, replaced by fear, bitterness and uncertainty.

Jasmine was hurt, and hurt badly. She rebuilt her life vowing never to be dependent upon a man again. She was now comfortable with herself, having left men and relationships far behind. She just didn’t need them. Her life was in order, some would even say routine. Her best friend Mary, a free spirit, has been her strength and support over the years. She could count on Mary whenever and where ever she needed her.

One day Mary suggested to Jasmine that 10 years was quite enough, and perhaps she should dip her toe once again into the pool of life. A girls night out, a bottle of wine, and Mary introduced her friend to the Internet. Jasmine’s life would never be the same.

Jasmine wandered the jungle that is the Internet until one fateful night she met Luke and her journey into dating began. She would need to question everything in her life, even Luke, perhaps especially Luke.

Travel with Jasmine on her rollercoaster ride through the dating world in this romantic comedy. You will laugh, cry, empathize, sympathize, and most of all relate to Jasmine’s journey.