Back from Vacation

Hi Everyone

I just returned from my first two week vacation ever. It was wonderful. We drove 5,000 miles. Visited friends, Black Hills, Badlands, Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, Tetons, Jackson Hole, Denver, Bailey, Mt Evens, Pikes Peek, and many other places along the way.

The weather was amazing; perfect in every way for every day.

We met many new people and passed out about 300 Jasmine cards and sold several books along the way. As a new author I keep business cards introducing Jasmine with me at all times and give them out to all the women I see. No one is a stranger to me. If you’ve met me you know I can and will talk to anyone. I just love meeting new people, especially ladies. I did have one woman cross her arms and refuse to take my card or even talk to me. Not sure what her problem was, but each to his own.

The new version of Jasmine is doing well and I will be sending copies out to major media outlets. I still cannot crack the Barnes and Noble wall, but will keep trying.

I’m sending another group of books overseas to the troops and hope to make these wonderful people’s day just a little brighter with a great story from home.

It’s great to be back and want all to know I’m working on the follow-up to Jasmine. More adventure for the characters as others take the spotlight from Jasmine and Luke. Hope to have it complete by the fall.

You all have a wonderful day and a great summer.