Hello Red Hats

I am having so much fun promoting my book. I was eating in a restaurant last week and a parade of mature fun women began to stream into the establishment. I knew right away that they were Red Had ladies, who could miss them. These confident, fun, flamboyant, and alive women could be recognized by anyone, even if they didn’t wear their purple and pink hats, scarves, buttons, or bows. By the time they had all arrived there must have been 25 ladies, all seated around a long table in the back. These are the kind of women I write for.

I went to my car, got two copies of Jasmine, and inquired “who is the leader of this wonderful group”. I was directed to a lovely lady and introduced myself to her. I explained that I was a writer of romance novels and we began to talk. I offered her two copies of my book to give out to her group as prizes. She said she would have to come up with something special.

She also asked about an audio version of Jasmine, as she is visually impaired and loves audio books. I let her know I was looking into it, but one did not exist at this time. The suggestion of having her man read it to her was met with laughter and a “those days are over for me.” response.

I ended up speaking with the group for more than 30 minutes as they socialized. It was great fun.

Talking to ladies about Jasmine is one of the unforeseen joys of being an author.