Let the Marketing Begin... (continue lol)

Well I finally received the printed copies of Jasmine.  The UPS man had to use a cart to bring them to my door. He didn’t even realize the treasure he was carrying.

I’ve been waiting to submit Jasmine to the on-line review sites since many want a printed copy oddly enough. I’ve personally given out over 200 Jasmine business cards to every woman I meet on the street.  Even a gay man demanded “I want one too” and I ended up giving him several for his friends.

Those who have purchased Jasmine have yet to review her on the Amazon, Kindle, or Nook site so I really haven’t gotten independent feedback on the book.  I have gotten several e-mails commenting on how much they enjoyed the two free chapters.

This is like entering your baby in a beauty contest. You know she is the most beautiful, you just hope others appreciate her beauty.

I will say that it is quite interesting giving cards to strangers.  I always ask “Do you like to read for pleasure?” I learned very quick that “Do you read” is often met with an indignant “Of course I can read!” Of time I would hear “Not too much why?” I’ll admit that it is an ego boost when I tell them that my book was just published and the entire conversation changes to “oh my God, you wrote a book! That is so wonderful. I’ll check it out for sure!”

There seems to be something special when someone actually meets the author of a book.  Now I carry a copy with me at all time, offering it for sale or just showing off the wonderful cover art Alexa was able to create for me.

I’ve often said that I could not call myself an author until someone gives me money for my book.  Well that has happened and not just people that I know.  Perfect strangers have used there hard earned money to purchase something I’ve created.

I’m officially an Author.