Jasmine is HERE

Well, publishing a book is not easy. I’ve spent the past several months editing Jasmine and I thought that would be the most difficult part of publishing. Turns out I was wrong. The task of finding an artist for the cover was difficult also, and then there was the editing of this important part of the book. Fortunately, I found Alexa Melone, a wonderfully talented artist who was able to take my vision of the cover and turn it into a true work of art.

The next job was to get the book to the printer for the soft cover version and the files converted to Kindle and Nook formats then uploaded to Amazon and Barns and Noble websites. I expected this to be be a simple process. I was wrong. A full four days of hard work, internet searches, and help from my son, but today I made it.

Jasmine is currently in review by Amazon and Barns and Noble. Once they push the button, likely tomorrow, everyone will be able to purchase the book for Kindle and Nook.

The soft cover version is a different story. The book cover and interior are under review by the design team. It should go to the printer on 10/17 or 10/18 for the printing of my proof copy. I should see the proof copy on 10/24 due to the printer’s workload. If the proof is acceptable, the book will be released for sale. It takes 3-5 days to be available on Amazon. The likely date for those who want a paperback version is 10/31. I’ll be ordering several copies to have on-hand and if you would like a signed copy, send me an e-mail. The price of the paperback is $12.00 plush shipping. I think the shipping is free if ordered from Amazon.

It’s been a long road, wonderfully fun for most of it, a bit stressful at the end, but it’s finally here. I hope all of you enjoy the book. Please let me know via e-mail booksbyrick@gmail.com, what you think of the book, good or bad.