The Grocery Store


I was in the grocery store yesterday and, as usual, was watching the body language of the other patrons.  If you pay attention, its wonderfully entertaining to watch people and then try to figure out what was in there heads.

This particular lady was with her husband (I assume).  He was obviously not wanting to be there as he made no effort to help her and did not even push the heavily laden cart.  He was a few steps behind her with a concentration level that rivaled rain man.

Her stance was one of hostility as she gripped the cart handle with so much force that her knuckles were white.  Her jaw was clenched, and each item she snatched from the shelf was thrown with great velocity into the cart.

I observed her for several aisles and the actions continued to escalate in intensity the further she got through the store.  She never said a single word to him and in fact on occasion would look over her shoulder at him, shake her head, then continue on her mission.

I felt compassion for this obviously unhappy woman and felt a bit guilty as I saw humor in the situation.  I swear that I would not have been surprised had she pulled a 38 from her purse, blasted 3 or 4 rounds into him and then simply continued her shopping as if nothing had happened.

This man, seemed totally unaware of the grave danger only a few feet away from him.  It was like watching the gazelle sipping water from the river while the alligator, lying submerged except for his eyes and nostrils, slowly floats into range to strike.

I could hear her screaming, "I will out live you, you SOB! You've stolen my youth but you will not get my life!  Why doesn't he have a heart attack and just die?  I've been cooking and cleaning for you for years.  Raised your little monsters for you.  Gave you the best years of my life and you never one time helped me.  Not once!  I will have a life again, just die you SOB, die!"

It's been awhile since I've seen a woman that hostile in the store but this lady could explode at any second.

I really enjoy observing and speaking with women.  Its a great way to learn about people and sometimes I even get ideas for characters or stories after talking with them.  Most men just don't understand or take the time to see what a woman goes through.  I've heard many call being a wife and mother a thankless job that no one appreciates, much less the man in their life.

This is really unfortunate because it is a difficult job and it is a truly loving man who embraces it and ensures that the woman in his life is never alone or overwhelmed.  It doesn't take that much to show a lady she is appreciated and loved.  It's a lazy man who does not communicate to her that he understands and is thankful to have her.