Not as easy as it seems


Hi Everyone

First of all I would like to thank all of those who have posted on my page.  The comments are wonderful.

As I sit here, alone in a hotel in Singapore, I have a lot of time to think.  Thinking of the path I've walked creating Jasmine and how much fun it is to spend time with her.  There is a great of me in Jasmine as well as Luke.  All of the people I've come into contact with in my life have contributed to Jasmine the character as well as Jasmine the story.  Its funny it took me nearly a year to admit to any that I was writing a story much less a novel.  I still remember the first time it was referred to as a manuscript.  I almost fell out or my chair when I realized that yes I may one day be an author.  That day is long past and I do consider myself an author now, unpublished at this writing, but still an author.

It's taken me almost three years to get to here but now my head is filled with stories to be told.  I have many short stories hidden away and may at some time in the future pull them together into a book I will call "Music, Wine, and a bubble bath."  It will be a collection of romantic "dates" that you ladies could read while relaxing in the tub.  They are short so you could finish them before you turn into a prune.

I will also immortalize the stories from my youth in another book.  There are just way too many fun things that have happened to me while growing up, not to put them out there.  The story of one Easter trip in the airplane where my sister got the surprise of her life, or the Clampetts return from Reno.  Maybe even one about gophers.  There are many many fun stories and each deserves its place in print.

I've also decided to quit calling Jasmine a Romance Novel.  Those who have previewed the book know it is much more than the story of romance.  There is as much laughter in the book and "Oh my Gods" that I will refer to it as Romantic Comedy.  You all know that I love to make people laugh with my stories and since I don't read for entertainment, I can only compare Jasmine to movies I've seen.  She is definitely not one of those heavy romantic movies, she is much more a case of Lucy meets Romance.  Who knows maybe she will be a movie one day.

I'm still struggling to commission an artist for the cover though.  When I return home I think I may try to create a cover myself.  I know what it will look like, and its simple enough if I can get one or two good photographs and do a little work with Photoshop.  I will continue my artist search though.

Thanks again for coming to my page and please leave me a note.  I will e-mail all that have left me comments and give you all the actual date Jasmine will be available.

Hugs and Kisses