New Version of Jasmine

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow is the day. Those of you who have Kindle and either have downloaded the Kindle version of Jasmine in the past, or would like to get the Kindle version of Jasmine, you can get the UPDATED version for FREE. I have worked out a promotion with Amazon and they will offer the Kindle version of Jasmine at no charge, for tomorrow 4-29-2012 only. Go to Amazon and get your copy.

The new version corrected all of the mistakes reported in the book, mostly punctuation and a few tense errors. Once again I have great respect for anyone who can edit a book. I still find it amazing how your brain will just “fix” things as you read them.

Tell your friends and let’s see just how many people take advantage of the promotion.

Those of you that have copies of the original paperback version, the paperback was updated also, send me an e-mail. The address is in the front of the book on the copy right page. We can work out an exchange of the old version for a new version.

I’m also looking for more reviews on Amazon. If you like Jasmine, jot down a few lines and submit it to Amazon. If you have issues with the story, send me an e-mail. I’m well into the next book and appreciate input, good or bad, on my writing style and the relevance of my story.

Have a great day,