Wow the Kindle Exposure is Exploding

Kindle offered a promotion. Place the e-book version of Jasmine on Kindle exclusively for 90 days and Kindle will promote the book for 5 days free.

What they really mean is that you can place your book on “Sale” for $0.00 and they will display it on the site when customers are looking for your particular genres. This will give me the exposure I need to get people talking about the book. Well that is theory anyway.

Well if nothing else the “Sales” figures are through the ceiling. At 9:27pm on the first day, the figures are at 412, no 413, no 414. The numbers are climbing at a rate of about 5 per minute.

Now I’m also not ignorant and I really don’t think all these people are going to sit down and read Jasmine just because they downloaded it; but many will. I only hope that they like it and tell their friends or perhaps write a review, or maybe even feature it on their website.

I know Jasmine is a wonderful book, I just need exposure and it appears I will get it.

I’ll let you know if this kind of exposure results in real sales and real reviews. Until then, I’ll keep watching the “Sales” figures and just be amazed by the sheer size of the internet.