It's Just Fun


It is so wonderful to watch couples. My last post was about a couple that had done it all wrong. This post is about couples that have done it all correctly.

You may have seen the video of the older couple playing with their new computer and trying to get the camera to work. The video has gone viral and has been viewed by millions. "They are so cute" are the comments. Well if you payed attention to the interviews they did, you would know that they have been married for only seven years and they are in their seventies. It is wonderful to see couples so into each other, no matter their age.

My sister and I made frequent trips to Florida to visit my dad in the later part of his life. We would travel down there and do the things he could no longer do himself. We would clean his pool, fix the lawn mower, clean the gutters, and in general let him "manage" people again. It was hot and difficult work but we enjoyed helping. The memories are cherished now that he is gone.

One of the side benefits of visiting, was the morning ritual of going to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. This was a place seniors came in the morning to meet and socialize. My sister and I would find a table close to them and just sit, eat our donuts, and watch the show.

They took up one whole side of the donut shop. There were married married couples, dating couples, and singles who were looking for their other half. They were so animated as they interacted with each other. These were happy people looking to share their happiness with all of those around them. They all seemed to feed off of the happiness of the others and the synergy was amazing to watch. Often they would pull us into the group and we would be immersed into their world.

Look around you as you travel through life and use the happiness of others to augment your own happiness. In times of stress, use their happiness to help you put your problems into perspective and perhaps show you the way out of your funk. Life is short and we need to enjoy each and every day. Try not to carry baggage with you that only serves to bring you down. Shed it and rejoin life with a smile.